Monday, 27 October 2014

Glasses with Class: MOOMIN GLASSES!

The older I get, the fonder I become for little bits of nostalgia that bring out the kid in me again.

I'm STILL the biggest Harry Potter geek (see this post about the Polyjuice potion hip flask for an example of my ardour), Christmas is still the most magical time of year for me (from about August onwards...) and the zoo and the seaside are still my happy places.

So imagine my JOY when I discovered one of my favourite childhood TV shows immortalised on a range of glassware. I present to you... MOOMIN GLASSES!

Aren't they adorable?! They're part of a range of tableware by the Finland Arabia brand (in case you didn't know, The Moomins were created by a Finnish illustrator and writer) that also includes mugs and cake stands!

They were just TOO EPIC to include amongst the other statement tumblers I wrote about a couple of weeks ago - so I saved them to share with you now.

First up in the set of four we have the Moominpappa tumbler, with his lovely top hat and great sense of adventure.

Then there's Moominmamma's tumbler, sporting a lovely apron and collecting shells on the beach.

Next up is Moomin himself, showing his love of the great outdoors by engaging in a spot of fishing. On the back of the glass there's a ship in a bottle, which is also gorgeous (in fact, all of the glasses feature a ridiculously cute illustration on the back as well as the Moomin on the front.)

Lastly, it's Snorkmaiden's tumbler! She's Moomin's best pal (some would say girlfriend) and she's a wonderful romantic at heart.

All of these tumblers are £7.90 each (so you can have the set for just over £30) and are just brilliant quality. If you love the look of these as much as I do, pop over to John Lewis' site and view the rest of the Moomin tableware range.

Or you could just watch this:

I'd forgotten how much I love The Moomins...

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