Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dream Decanter: Two Twisty Decanters for my Christmas Wish List

As I prepare to move into my first flat with The Boy, I'm spending approximately 78% of every day searching, dreaming about and shortlisting my ideal glassware for our new place.

I want it to be special and suited to me (oh go on then, and suited to him too, I suppose...) but I'm also on a teeny tiny budget, so finding the perfect wine glasses, decanters and storage for my massive booze collection is proving tough.

And then two perfect decanters came along at once.

Wine Gift Centre has long been a fave of ours* and there's plenty of their products on my wish list. These two decanters are pretty new to their site and I'm really excited about both of them:

First, the Conundrum decanter, pictured above. The curvy shape may be gorgeous, but it's practical too - as your pour your wine into the decanter, the wine aerates as it flows through the swirls. It's a pretty sight to behold - and also makes it very grippable for when you pour the wine.

The 1-litre Conundrum decanter is £29.95 - which is affordable for most people, and good value for such a stylish but functional design - but you can also get a little half-litre version of the Conundrum for £19.95.

Then there's the Twister decanter and aerator. It's magnificent, a bit of a show-stopper when you pour you wine into it, and also incredibly clever.

Basically, you pop the aerator on top of the mouth-blow decanter, which has been specifically designed to hold it perfectly, and pour the wine. First, it catches any sediment into a stainless-steel filter (making it perfect for older bottles), then it aerates the wine as it passes into the bowl of the aerator, and then the wine passes through the stunning little spiral system, getting even more oxygen to the wine as it flows around the decanter and slowly settles in the bottom.

I've yet to see such a spectacle of a decanting process, but the fact that it's as practical as it is pretty really does sell it for me. It's £49.99 - on the steeper side of affordable for many, perhaps, but I can't help thinking that for a high-quality decanter and aerator this is absolutely worth it.

Which of these appeals to you the most? Are you adding either of them to your Christmas list? Tell us in the comments!

* Wine Gift Centre are one of our lovely sponsors on the side bar, but this piece was written completely independently by me. We are never, ever paid for our opinions at Vinspire and this is 100% my true view of the decanters. I want them both...

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