Thursday, 30 October 2014

Brilliant British Beer: Ticketybrew

First of all let me apologise to all of you and especially Ticketybrew for what I am about to say because I'm sure they've heard it a million times before, but their beer really is Tickety Boo.

Born of a love of bottled beer and inspired by trips to the spiritual home of beer (Belgium), Ticketybrew was started up by husband and wife, Duncan and Keri Barton, believing that taste comes not only from the hops used but from everything else.

They take a very free spirited approach stating ,'Whatever you can taste in our beer - you're right!', which if I'm being honest makes my job of reviewing it so much easier! I could tell you it has notes of 3 year old hand soap and a badgers sullen sense of self loathing. However I  remain as professional as ever and give you lovely people the facts.

Thanks once again to those marvellous folks over at Best of British Beer (who are fast becoming my favourite people in the world - sorry Mum and Dad) who have sent me their absolutely stonking 12 beers of Christmas to try.

More on that next week, for now however I'm giving you the heads up on Ticketybrew which I found inside said case. I had the pleasure of tasting the Blonde and the Dubbel. 

Pale golden in colour with a creamy head in both colour and texture. The nose is light and refreshing with notes of orange and pink grapefruit. The palate is refreshingly zingy with those citrus notes coming through in abundance followed by lightly spicy notes of white pepper. Beautiful summer beer but also good in the living room in front of the League cup round of 16.

Dubbel is a style of beer I have rarely come across. Originally brewed in Belgium by a Trappist brewery, the Ticketybrew offering is lightly hopped with the majority of the flavours coming from the yeast and malt. The nose throws up smoky chocolate notes and rich sourdough.

The palate leads with flavours of black cherry, cola and yeasty notes. The finish is long and bitter with a charcoal smokiness and a rich chocolatey texture. If I had to compare it to something else I would say it's a long the lines of a ruby ale without the fiery notes.

With so many independent breweries in the UK alone it can be hard to establish an identity. By drawing their inspiration from outside the UK beer scene and making some truly awesome beer Ticketybrew have set themselves to be one of the big boys of UK craft beer scene. And just as a little end note, their labels are brilliant! 

Ticketybrew is available in a mixed case for £28.80 from Best of British Beer.

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