Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Royal Release: Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin

It is no secret that we at Vinspire are huge fans of Warner Edwards, Laura covered their flagship dry gin and I have taken a look at their elderflower gin. Both of these blew us away and so when I saw Tom and Sion had a new gin in his lineup whilst I was working at a recent Three Wine Men event I couldn't help but grab a bottle (after some dutiful sampling of course).

The Victoria Rhubarb gin is the latest in the Warner Edwards lineup joining the Harrington Dry, Elderflower and Sloe expressions and launched within the last month. This is a pretty cool release (limited to 8000 bottles) that's steeped in history with the rhubarb that goes into the gin having come from the same plant that was originally owned by Queen Victoria, the rhubarb has made it's way from the regal gardens of Buckingham palace to it's new home in the Northamptonshire farm where the distillery now takes pride of place. The packaging is equally queenly being adorned by the vestige of her fine majesty in the style of a Penny Black stamp.

On the nose there is a great deal of fruit, lemon peel, orange, juniper, some sharp rhubarb and sweet spices. The nose is wonderfully sweet, textured and inviting, it's quite summery, but also reminds me of an apple and blackberry crumble. To each his own, but the smell is delicious.

Her Royal visage
On the palate this gin is surprisingly sweet, Tom and Sion add a little sugar to combat the rhubarb that would be too much without it. The rhubarb adds so much to the gin, it adds a sweet, but tangy fruit quality with some peppery spice also rearing it's head. This gin has a wonderfully thick mouthfeel and texture and a decent length on the finish. Whilst warming it is incredibly smooth, almost like a liqueur and can be drunk without mixers no problem. However, if you do like to mix your drinks it goes fantastically with ginger beer and can make a mean Martini.

I have to confess to being a complete W.E. fanboy, I have loved everything I have tasted from them and they embody everything I love about spirits; craft product, small batch, local ingredients, provenance, produced with enthusiasm and attention and above all quality. This gin might not be for everyone and it is a fair bit different to all the other gins out there, but isn't that what this is about, trying something new? Go on, give it a go and you won't be disappointed.

You can buy a bottle directly from Warner Edwards for £38.

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