Monday, 15 September 2014

Majestic's Spirits Sale!

Okay, hold on to your drinking hats people, because I am about to share with you some news that may just be the biggest news since I shot Phil Mitchell...I mean...Lisa shot Phil Mitchell (think I got away with that one).

Everyone knows that Majestic are brilliant for buying wine. They do also sell spirits, but have never really been at the forefront of the market. With a recent promotion though, that is all about to change.
Introducing: Majestic's 33% off spirits deal! 

And this isn't just the weird stuff that they're trying to flog - there are genuinely some absolute crackers in there!

For gin fans, Chase Williams Elegant Crisp Gin is a steal down from £40 to £26.65. Made from cider apples and 9 different botanicals including hops, liquorice and orange to name the slightly more obscure, it's bold and fruity and goes superbly well in a Martini. 

More into vodka? Then how about Ciroc from the bling wearin', name changin' P Diddy! Distilled from French grapes, it's as smooth and classy as the man behind it. What's more it's £24 down from £35.

This next one is my favourite. Drum roll please...Bowmore 18 year old single malt. That's right, this whisky was made when I was just entering junior school. A classic Islay full of peat smoke, flowers and herbs, this gorgeous dram would normally set you back £67.50, but it's only £45!!! That's like getting a Ferrari for the price of a Skoda! And there's Ardbeg 10yo too...

This is just my personal selection from this awesome offer but there is plenty more to get excited about. Just go to the website and salivate over your keyboard.

All these are available when you mix and match any 2 bottles (including wine) from their 33% off selection as part of a mixed case. There's loads more gins, vodkas, whisky and even a cheeky cognac...

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