Thursday, 18 September 2014

A New Wine Price Comparison Site: Introducing Bring A Bottle

Those annoyingly catchy Compare the Meerkat adverts (and annoyingly ANNOYING Go Compare ads) prove that as a nation we love to save tons of money - but these days it extends to more than just your car insurance. You can make savings on pretty much everything if you know where to look.

And now - THANK HEAVENS - you can save buckets of cash on wine, beer and spirits!

Bring a Bottle is a brand new, free price comparison website for booze. It lists the prices of your favourites at all the major supermarkets as well as at Majestic - so if there's a cracking offer on, or if your local supermarket is charging way too much, you can be the first to know.

It does feature lots of well-known, big brands that we aren't too keen on (if you do like them, go check out the Bring a Bottle site - you'll often find big names on offer for what they're actually worth) but what really excites us is the huge range of really decent producers that you could save £££s on!

For instance...


The Cono Sur Bicicleta Pinot Noir - a wine Matt has raved about before - is just £5.50 in Sainsbury's at the moment, saving about £2 per bottle on the other supermarkets!

And the site also drew my attention to ASDA, who are now stocking the Heartland Stickleback White - a fantastic Australian wine that I thought was lost from UK shelves - AND it's only £7 at the moment. Well worth picking up a bottle of that to try if you haven't already.

And I'll certainly be keeping my eye on the price of the Tio Pepe Fino Sherry - a brilliant example of this dry, nutty aperitif that is often far less than its usual £10.


That gorgeous Brooklyn Lager (one of Sam's Top 5 US Beers) is on offer in Waitrose at the moment - it's £1.43 down from £1.79, which is 20% off in total and much lower than the other supermarkets!

I was also excited to spot the Einstok White Beer (which I wrote about a couple of months ago) has a cracking offer on at Majestic right now - it's £9.99 per 6-pack if you buy two (normally £12.99 each), so you'll save £6!


If you love a drop of Hendrick's gin, but usually don't shop at Sainsbury's, you might want to swing by your nearest store pretty sharpish - they sell it for £26 a bottle, which is up to £7 cheaper than the other stores!

What about if you're stocking up on whisky for Christmas (or Christmas presents?) It might interest you to know that Morrisons appear to be having a bit of a whisky sale at the moment. The Balvenie Doublewood 12yo (one that Hugo wrote about a while back if you want tasting notes) is £30 - around a £4 saving on the other supermarkets - and the Aberlour 10yo is only £30 too - a whopping £12 less than it is at Sainsbury's, Waitrose and ASDA!


What about some bubbly? If you've got a special occasion coming up, there are some cracking deals creeping through the supermarkets at the moment!

Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV currently has a whopping third off at Majestic when you buy two bottles. It works out at £29.98 each - whereas it's upwards of £39 at other stores!

Sainsbury's also wins at Laurent-Perrier right now - it's £28, which is £10 less than other shops.

What about a nice bottle of English fizz? We've told you how much we love it before - and now you can try a bottle of the gorgeous Chapel Down Brut for £14.99 at Waitrose - between £3-8 less than the other supermarkets. Hooray!

Teething Problems

There do seem to be some glitches with the site in its early stages - the odd red wine in the white wine section, and some issues where Majestic savings have finished but are still being listed - but the site is pretty new, so I'm sure these will be ironed out.

But all in all, this site has earned itself a firm place in my bookmarks - especially when I'm looking for something in particular - and it's a great way to make sure you're drinking the best wine possible at the lowest price.

Do you know a wino or gin freak that would love to know about this wine and spirits price comparison site? Share it with them using the buttons below!

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