Thursday, 28 August 2014

Try Something New: The Fino and Tonic

Photo: Jenny Downing (CCL)
As the season starts to change, and summer draws to a close, we all get a bit sad and dejected. I'm countering my early-onset Seasonal Affective Disorder by shaking things up a bit, cocktail-wise, (pun not intended but left in because it's awesome.)

Sometimes, you don't even have to think big to get a big difference - even a tiny change in ingredient can revitalise a cocktail favourite. A case in point = The Fino and Tonic.

Instead of your average gin and tonic, (or even a twist on the G&T like my Sun and Tonic recipe), use dry, refreshing fino sherry for a fresh, almost savoury alternative. I love fino so much (this fino and chorizo stew is still a favourite meal in our house) and really think sherry cocktails are massively underrated.

The best thing about fino is it's so versatile. It matches tons of different flavours, so you can embellish your F&T any way you like, from adding a splash of orange bitters, to garnishing your drink with lemon, herbs like rosemary or thyme, or even a salt rim.

Here's my basic recipe:

Fino and Tonic recipe


Shake it!

1. Add the fino to a highball glass or large wine glass filled with plenty of large ice cubes.
2. Top up with the tonic water and the orange bitters, and stir with a tall spoon (or bar spoon, if you have one)
3. Garnish with some lemon peel that you have slapped about a bit and rolled in your hands, so all the aromatic lemon oils are released.

How would you have your fino and tonic?

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