Friday, 15 August 2014

Top 5 US Beers

Bud is not on this list. (Photo: Robert Bejil under CCL)

Yeehaw, boy howdy…and other American colloquialisms. OK I admit it, I have a problem. Yank fever has got the best of me. For the last few weeks it’s been nothing but fruity IPA’s and Sonoma Pinot Noir. Seeing as I’ve reviewed so many offerings from across the pond recently, I thought it would be a good idea to end my fixation with a round-up of my favourite five. I’ve had the pleasure (and in some cases displeasure) of trialling so many different brews from the US so narrowing it down was a pretty arduous task. How is it that even possible, you ask? Well first and foremost it’s possible because I said it is and I’m great.
So in no particular order, here we go!

1. Goose Island IPA.
If you like: Bold, brash and in your face.

When I reviewed this I absolutely raved about it. And for good reason! It's awesome! Born of a travellers love for all things hop, this Chicago based beer explodes with tropical and citrus fruit, warming sweet spice and a sense of 'everything's bigger in America'.
Goose Island is available from Majestic for £10.99 a six pack.

2. Brooklyn Lager.
If you like: No nonsense versatility.

From the spiritual home of NY state brewing comes Brooklyn a lager. A beautiful amber colour with invitingly aromatic nose, this beer has ben dry hopped to create a wonderfully citrus based flavour. It's silky smooth with a refreshingly clean bitterness to round it all off. Hey I'm drinking here!
Brooklyn Lager is available from Tesco for £1.65 a bottle.

3. Anchor Steam Beer.
If you like: Sweet and creamy goodness.

Hailing from the sunshine state of California is Anchor Brewing. The Anchor Steam beer is named after west coast beer that was brewed without ice. Golden in colour, this has a thick and creamy head with flavours of caramel, citrus peel and a slightly smoky aftertaste.
Anchor Steam Beer is available from Beers of Europe for £2.19 a bottle.

4. Flying Dog Brewery: Underdog Atlantic Lager.
If you like: Slightly mental malt.

Named after a drunken encounter with a painting in Pakistan, this brew offers up an almost Champagne like nose with bread, nuts and brioche notes. It has a huge mouth filling feel and coats every taste bud with sweet toasty flavours and bites you in the arse with it's waxy citrus finish. I reviewed it in full here if you'd like to learn more. 

Underdog Atlantic Lager is currently £9.99 for 6 cans (if you buy 2 packs) at selected Majestic stores.

5. Brooklyn Summer Ale.
If you like: Lazing on a sunny afternoon...(in the summer tiiiiime).

Another offering from Brooklyn brewery that I just couldn't ignore. A much more relaxed and easy going beer. If this beer was a person it would never get anything done. Much lighter in appearance and style. This beer is fresh with the typical flavours of a US but without the pungency.
Brooklyn Summer Ale is seasonal so unfortunately not available all year round but is still available from Beers of Europe for £2.19.

These are just 5 of some of the amazing things that this great nation has to offer. With hundreds of breweries offering so many different beers, discovering the US is an amazing journey. Unfortunately over the last few weeks I've spoken far too much about US booze so this a journey you must make on your own. Fear not, for I have taught you well. Remember your training, and may the force be with you young padawan.

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