Friday, 22 August 2014

Top 5 Cocktails for a Garden Party

This is a guest blog from the wonderful guys at Social and Cocktail.

It’s still officially summer, and being Brits we’re going to make the most of it, gosh darnit! Nothing says jolly England more than a good old garden party, complete with whicker furniture and bunting. But hold the iced tea and lemonade, Miss Marple! For a proper knees up you want to add a few exciting concoctions to the mix. Social and Cocktail, the one-stop-site for cocktail information, have recommended five luscious libations to sip on your lawn. 

Raspberry Mojito: Fruity, bright and colourful, this is an excellent twist on a classic. The freshness of raspberries works well with the lime, and a good dose of sugar adds sweetness. Delicious. 

Passion Fruit Daiquiri: Nothing quite says ‘party in the sun’ like a daiquiri. It’s fun, frivolous, and the passionfruit makes it look oh-so-pretty as well as adding a wonderful tang. Exotic. 

Caipivodka: We all love the classic caipirinha, but cachaca isn’t such a common spirit to have in the cupboard. Instead, use vodka to muddle a potent and zingy short drink that will have you pretending you're in Rio. Intense. 

Planters Punch: This cocktail is just bursting with flavour, and is a real thirst quencher. Rum always makes us think of holidays on the beach, and this little number is no exception. Refreshing. 

Blackberry Punch: Another fruity berry drink, but the ginger beer gives an extra spicy kick that works perfectly with the rich sweetness of the ripe blackberries. If you have any growing wild in your garden then get your guests to pick their own! Sumptuous.

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