Friday, 29 August 2014

Top 5 Classic Vodka Cocktails

Photo: Alpha de Centaure (CCL)
This is a guest blog by Social and Cocktail.

Vodka is having a resurgence in popularity in recent years, with deluxe brands appearing that are highly desirable, both as a spirit in their own right and as a great addition to the cocktail. No longer just the colourless, odourless option that acts as a fall-back for those not well educated in the drinks world - now there are vodkas on the market that demand to be taken seriously.

One of these exciting new offerings comes courtesy of Tonino Lamborghini Vodka - made with quality grains from the Balkans and Slovakia and water sourced directly from the valley of Franciacorta in Italy, which is then put through a triple-distillation process and filtered to ensure only the highest quality.

Everything about it roars style, from the elegant and striking bottle to the famous bull lowering its head, ready to charge. It doesn't surprise us that this is going to be a staple in the more fashionable nightspots of the world.

After giving it a try we can concur that this makes for a superbly smooth drink - not since our student days have we sipped vodka neat, but Tonino Lamborghini Vodka left us with a peppery taste on the tongue and a full, rounded finish in the mouth.

Plus, it makes for a mean cocktail, and we've chosen our Top 5 vodka cocktails to accompany it:

White Russian – Beloved drink of The Dude, this smooth and easy-drinking combination of cream, vodka and coffee liquor makes for a decadent and rich treat

Moscow Mule – The addition of ginger beer makes for a refreshing kick, and there’s nothing like quenching a thirst with this cocktail on a hot day.

Cosmopolitan – Not just for ladies in the city who like to talk about their dalliances – the Cosmo is a vodka staple and a well-made one should have the right contrast of sweetness and citrus edge.

Sex on the Beach – Colourful, fruity, and a bit cheeky – this fun loving cocktail definitely delivers on flavour and should be a staple at parties.

French Martini – classy, smooth, and with a delightful frothiness from the sweet pineapple. The Chambord raspberry liquor makes it French, and we could drink them all night long!

What's your favourite way to drink vodka? Tell us in the comments!

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