Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Sport and Wine Matching

Football in a wine shop. Bad idea.
Photo: Fareham Wine (CCL)
Sport and wine have much in common. For example, if you push over a bottle of wine, it will roll arouund on the floor, much like a footballer. Similarly, if you smash 2 bottles of red Bordeaux together, with force, you will end up with claret everywhere... like rugby.

Photo: K Maschke (CCL)
OK, so maybe the main similarities stop there but there are some wines that reflect similar, if arguably more metaphorical, qualities.

Here is my guide to wine grape and sport matching. If you drink the wine before playing the sport, you will do a win for sure*.

Football = Merlot
Approachable and not too complicated, can be enjoyed by just about everyone. You don't need to have much of a mental capacity to be able to understand it and for the majority, it is popular because it is simply "easy to understand".

Rugby = Malbec
Big, bulky and sometimes you may get a bit of a smack in the mouth. Its not the hardest to get your head around the basics and can provide general enjoyment to most but it takes someone who knows what they are doing to really get the most out of it. Goes well with a high-protein diet...

Cycling = Pinot Noir
Light body and can be incredibly zippy. Although the simple stuff is enjoyable for many people, the more serious stuff tends to alienate most. However, when you get to really understand it, it will provide enjoyment like nothing else. Too much though and you will have wobbly legs.

Photo: Schwarz Johann (CCL)
American Football = Zinfandel
So ridiculously American, it hurts. Loud, brash and sometimes quite dis-jointed. HOWEVER, it can be bloody amazing, capturing the attention of the most unlikely of people. Subtlety is not a word that you would ever associate with it but that doesn't really matter.

Golf = Cabernet Sauvignon
Sturdy, not too extreme in any particular way and quite traditional. The best examples though, can be amazing, complex and captivating. Having a good understanding of it does help but world class examples will capture a huge audience. Both can ruin a good walk though...

What other sports remind you of a wine? We would love to hear your reasons why! Let us know by commenting below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

*you probably won't.

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