Thursday, 14 August 2014

LICKALIX Poptails: Cocktails On A Stick

Strawberry Mojito on the right - natural deliciousness!
By now you've no doubt cottoned on that the Vinspire team love drinks in all shapes, sizes and forms. So it should come as no surprise that we were utterly excited when London-based gourmet ice lolly producers LICKALIX got in touch to tell us they'd launched alcoholic versions of their scrummy lollies, in the form of Poptails - part popsicle/ice lolly, part cocktail. 

Launched in London in May this year, LICKALIX Poptails (icy cool frozen cocktail flavours on sticks) are already available in an array of cocktail flavours with an increasingly expanding range.

Having already featured at some of the city's hot foodie spots, festivals bars and markets, LICKALIX have been delighting London crowds with their refreshing, delicious and healthy creations throughout the summer. 

I caught up with our new friends at the London Feast Festival (@wefeastlondon) at Tobacco Dock to try their Strawberry Mojito Poptail (plus a couple of the non-alcoholic flavours!) which contains just 22 calories!! I am already in love <3

I asked Karis (Poptail maker and one of the LICKALIX Founding Directors) how the Strawberry Mojito is made and in all honesty I was shocked by the simplicity in producing such a novel and delicious adult treat! 
The LICKALIX range at Feast

"Our Strawberry Mojito poptails are all natural and that’s why they are only 22 calories! We buy the strawberries fresh from New Spitalfields Market in east London in the morning.

Back at the LICKALIX kitchen, we add the prepped strawberries to fresh lime, mint, a splash of water, a little fair trade unrefined sugar and 3-year-old Havana white rum.

We give it a whizz, put it in our moulds and into the lolly machine it goes. Hey presto, yummy lickalicious Strawberry Mojitos come out!"

Karis - Head Poptail Maker

All the LICKALIX lollies are made by hand using high-quality ingredients (where possible, UK-sourced, organic and fair trade) and contain less sugar than many other lollies. As they are made from fresh fruit (at least 50%), all the flavours, including the Poptails are suitable for people with lactose and gluten intolerance and they are low in calories.

The ice lollies (£2 to £2.50) come in a range of flavours including Mango & Raspberry Swirl and Caribbean Twist and the Poptails (£3 to £3.50) - which of course are only served at licensed events - include eight incredible cocktail flavours!! I'm not just in love, I've died and gone to heaven.

Banana Daquiri: Banana-licious and made with Havana 3yr old rum.
Grapefruit Gin Sling: Gin-tastic with a bitter grapefruity kick.
Kahlua Kick: Creamy and chocolately with cacao, coconut and Kahlua.
Pimm's O'Clock: Perfect for picnics in the park with Pimms.
Pina Colada: Welcome to Club Tropicana! Havana 3yr old rum, Malibu and pineapples
Strawberry Mojito: Strawberries, mint and with Havana 3yr old rum. Classic.
Joan Collins: British gun with a grapefruit tang and elderflower.
Raspberry Ginster: A gin and raspberry muddle for fans of both.

But wait, there's more!! The latest to the LICKALIX collection are the Iced Bellinis created to go perfectly with Prosecco or Champagne. 

The idea? Dip the lolly in your glass of fizz to turn it into a refreshing Bellini - genius! Their two flavours are Strawberry & Rose and Peach Blush which will be available at a number of bars across London

Last night they opened their first Lollipop-up to introduce the new flavours at The Sterling at the base of the iconic Gherkin building in London. Sadly (*tear rolls down cheek*) we were unable to attend - did any of you make it?? - so we hope there's another event in the pipeline before the end of the delightful summer.
The LICKALIX VW van at Feast

It's pretty safe to say we've developed a little bit of a crush on the LICKALIX brand (I hope they don't mind) and we're looking forward to hearing about groundbreaking new flavours which we're sure are already bubbling as ideas.

If you want to get your hands on their Poptails, you can check out where they're next headed on their Find Us page - tell them we said 'Hello'!

Shout out to the VW van team at Feast for their lovely hospitality.

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