Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Kilner Jar Wine Cooler

I have a problem. I am obsessed with Kilner jars. I reckon in my pub there is in excess of 100 kilner-style jars of different shapes and sizes, housing everything from pickles to pates, to teas, candles and beer ingredients. Their versatility astounds me, and they are retro and attractive.

When I refurbished my pub, Kilner jars were at the centre of the fixtures and fittings I kitted out the pub with. I designed and made this beer ingredient wall display with jubilee clips and pallet wood; another example of how important a role these lovely little spring-lidded jars play in my life.

So, naturally when it came to buying a new wine cooler at the weekend, I was mortified by the price of them. For a decent looking wine cooler, you can get nothing nice short of £18. Ridiculous considering the majority of reasonably priced quality wine is in the £8 - £15 price range.

So in comes my best friend, Mr Kilner again. I picked up a large one from John Lewis for £4.50, and then let me creative juices flow...

I wrapped some craft string round the top, and added some small flint stones from the garden to the bottom, and then added Ice, Water, and, most importantly; the wine! You can customise it however you want. Why not add a lick of blackboard paint under 'Kilner' and writing 'Wine' on it, or use Kraft coloured garden twine and wrap the whole thing from the top down.

This very simple and effective wine cooler cost me the grand total of £4.98. You're welcome.


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