Friday, 29 August 2014

Camden Town Brewery's Tank Party 2

Last weekend in a little corner of north London, under the arches of the Kentish Town West railway line, local craft beer producer Camden Town Brewery threw an exceptionally good party, their Tank Party 2.

With the brewery recently featuring on Adams bucket list of craft beer producers to visit, and our friends at Lickalix telling us they'd teamed up with Camden Town Brewery to make two new beer flavoured ice lollies (beertails), we knew we couldn't miss this event.

The star attraction for the Tank Party was an outdoor bar set up right by their huge shiny silver tanks with ten taps pouring their Unfiltered Hells straight from the tank. With appearances by Crabbie Shack, Miss P's Barbecue and Lickalix providing soft-shell crab burgers, Atlanta-style ribs and pulled pork, and sweet, icy lollies respectively, it was a dream afternoon which carried on late into the evening.

Since moving to their location under the Victorian railway arches - a short walk from Camden - in 2010 (a baby brewery!), the Camden Town Brewery has been brewing their signature lager, Hells, and a growing range, after founder Jasper Cuppaidge progressed from a home-brew loving pub landlord to full-time brewer.

All year round CTB (Camden Town Brewery) brew Camden Hells Lager, Camden USA Hells Lager and Camden Unfiltered Hells as well as Camden Pale Ale, Gentleman's Wit and Camden Ink. They also brew a limited series which changes each year, but with an exceptional all-year-round range, there's already enough reason for a visit.

With 60HL (over 10,000 pints) flowing straight from the tank at Tank Party 2, I spent most of the afternoon sipping Unfiltered Hells. Unlike their Hells Lager (£26 per 12, Best of British Beer) which passes through a filter before packaging to remove the yeast, Unfiltered Hells is not, giving it a hazy or cloudy appearance. Smooth and full-bodied, it's got a little more character and depth than the cleaner, sharper Hells, which for a pale ale fan, is a happy medium.

As the sun set, the temperature dropped and the patio heaters came out we ventured inside to The Brewery Bar (their permanent fixture) to try a few more of the CTB brews. Having spent my younger years with my hands around a stubbie of pale ale (fellow South Australians will understand!) it was only natural my first choice was the Camden Pale Ale (£26 per 12, BOB Beer). With a bolder hop flavour in an American pale ale style, it's nicely rounded and big on citrus and tropical fruit flavour....super easy to drink, perhaps a little too easy!

Not content in trying just one, I must have sampled all of the beers available (it was a long evening!) but I must say, I was completely inspired by their Gentleman's Wit (£26 per 12, BOB Beer), a Belgian-style Witbier. A classic white beer spiked with lemon and fragrant with bergamot it's smooth and full-bodied with a sharp citrus hit and a floral freshness.

It was no surprise that our friends at Lickalix also chose to use the Gentleman's Wit in the first of their new limited edition beer infused ice lollies, the Lemonade Bergamot. A super refreshing hit of fresh lemons and Camden Town Brewery's Gentleman's Wit it is definitely a summer lolly, just a shame it wasn't that warm last Saturday! Their second new flavour is a Blackberry Shandy - an intensely fruity blend of blackberries, lemons and beer from CTB. We concluded that this was the manlier of the two given it's denser, creamier taste, but still totally delicious.

For those who prefer something a little heavier and on the more traditional side, fear not, there is also the Camden Ink, a hoppy stout that's bold, smooth and bitter. Loaded with roast and bitter dark chocolate, dark fruits, a rich body and a creamy foam, it tastes sensational (even for a non-stout lover!) and lingers much longer than the lighter lager styles.

Needless to say, Camden Town Brewery put on a great event, and having now sampled (drunk) nearly all of their beers, it's safe to say they deserve their place on Adam's craft brewery bucket list. With a laid back vibe, a local atmosphere and a street food trader cooking up a storm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, this isn't just a brewery, this is a brand, a bar and something very special indeed. They also run brewery tours on Thursdays and Saturdays if you want to see all the action.

Now Camden Town Brewery, answer us one question....did you get through those 60HL last Saturday?

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  1. Choosing this place for our events NYC was the best choice we made in our entire planning! Initially I was wary of over the top sounding place. However I can assure you this is not the case.