Friday, 15 August 2014

Afternoon Tea Week 2014: 12 of the Best Statement Teapots

Lucienne's already helped you celebrate Afternoon Tea Week with her brilliant cocktail sweets that make a killer alternative to biscuits, but what's more important to Afternoon Tea than a kick-arse teapot to show off?

Well, probably the tea actually, but here's 12 statement teapots that really make an impact and will definitely stand out amongst the doilies and silverware:

1. Bodum Eileen Tea Press, John Lewis, £32

Let's start off by making it clear that teapots don't have to be twee or floral - this one would suit the most masculine of tea parties.

2. Tea Rex teapot, Lenny Mud on Etsy, £22.17

From the guy who made his name with the Lionel Richie 'Hello, is it tea you're looking for?' teapot, this shows he's got even better tea puns up his sleeve. Dinosaur teapot = win.

3. Robots and Dinosaurs Tea Set, MCharron Ceramics on Etsy, £73.45

What's better than a dinosaur teapot? A robot-taking-his-pet-dinosaur-for-a-walk teapot. While on the pricey side, this does include a milk jug and sugar bowl, and is hand-thrown porcelain from a very talented potter in Canada.

4. Blau Blume teapot, All Things Original, £65

Because everyone needs a disturbing piece of ceramics in their lives.

5. Alice in Wonderland teapot, Whittards, £35

This teapot pretty much sums up the magical connection we have with tea in this country. And the illustration is bloody gorgeous.

6. Doctor Who Silver TARDIS teapot, Amazon, £19.40


7. Flamingo teapot, Julia Davey, £36

Of all the birds to adorn a teapot, this has to be the best.

8. Toilet teapot, Carters Teapots £29.99

This company is one of my favourite things I ever found on the internet. They make all manner of crazy concoctions.  Piano teapot? Check. Sewing machine teapot? You betcha. Cosmetics table teapot? Well, of course.

9. Melody Rose Skull in Crown teapot, Amara, £69

This is one badass teapot. It's also gorgeous.

10. Badger and hedgehog teapot, Not on the High Street, £45

Of all the animals to feature on teapots, I think badgers are my favourite.

11. Portmeiron Vintage Kellogs teapot, Kaleidoscope, £34.50

These old designs make me feel all cosy and happy, and so does tea, so it's perfect.

12. Budgie, pug and duck teapot, Bouf, £40

I know a lot of people that are obsessed with pugs at the moment, and frankly this teapot is doing a lot for the reputation of budgies and ducks off the back of that, so we should definitely all buy one. Do it for the ducks and budgies.

Which of these would you choose as the centre piece for your afternoon tea party? Let us know in the comments...

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