Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Bellerose: A French Craft Beer

I’ve been here a while now, and now that we’re acquainted, there’s some things you should probably know about me… For example; I slept walked til the age of 17, I can’t grow proper facial hair, I don’t eat enough fruit and veg, drink enough water or go to the gym as often as I profess to. Also, I’m a MASSIVE Francophobe when it comes to beer… 

That said, I was captivated by the Tour de France. Maybe it was the fact so much of it was actually in Britain (what’s up with that btw); but I loved the endurance of it, and how surprisingly strategic and well-supported it was.

Bellerose is a lovely Biere de Garde-style ale, top-fermented in the typical Belgian-franco style and brewed with 3 hops from 3 different continents.The style (for the unfamiliar), is a farmhouse-style beer very similar to a Belgian Saison – bready and yeasty, with some zesty orange character and a little wheat haze. 

It arrived in a typical brown bottle with a nice vintage-style label with a 50’s pin up girl on the front. Always a winner in my book, but this beer doesn’t need a scantily clad woman to sell it! 

It pours a typical Blonde-Gold with a little haze and a lasting, perfect-white head. The aroma is Yeasty with some Soap, Cloves & White Pepper (BTW if you aren’t familiar with beer tasting notes, things like Soap AREN’T a bad thing).

The taste is immediately bready with zesty orange peel and an oily texture/ mouthfeel. It’s got a lovely bready-malt sweetness with a touch of light citrus bitterness. The 6.5% ABV pokes it’s head out out a little towards the end of the palate, and the whole experience is clean and refreshing

Did I wince at the fact it was French? Yes. Of course I did! But I was won over by it completely, and by the end of it I was sporting a stripy T-shirt, a ring of garlic around my neck, a beret, with a French stick in my hand shouting 'Vive La France!' at the top of my voice. 

Bellerose is available in bars across the UK and Europe, and is currently on special from BeerHawk.co.uk for only £2.29 a bottle.

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