Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Bar Review: Communion, Camberwell

This is a guest post from the awesome guys at Social and Cocktail

The Lowdown: There’s a new bar in town - one that is truly devout when it comes to creating superb drinks. Communion is a place where people are invited to enjoy an artisan cocktail while surrounded by the glorious paraphernalia of a church - right from the hand-picked goblets to the specially crafted interior...

Where: This place to worship the liquor is in Camberwell - the upcoming bit of South East London that’s getting trendier by the day. It’s below the Angels and Gypsies Tapas bar, in a bit of a subterranean cavern.

First Thing You Notice: The stained glass windows - this is the only bar in London to boast them. These beautiful handmade pieces of art glow with vibrant jewel colours and are truly stunning - you can admire biblical scenes like Jacob’s Ladder and Moses parting the sea.

What You’ll Tell Your Friends: That there are little communion wafers and a tiny glass of complementary communion wine on the table. Lovely attention to detail.

Atmosphere: Relaxed yet slightly reverent - they take their cocktails seriously. There’s a sense of theatre and magic in the air due to the wonderful setting.

Decor: Church candles, church furniture, bright and cheerful colonial tiling, white washed walls... and those awesome windows

Creative Concept: All ingredients are locally and proudly sourced from South East London. It gives the menu an African, Caribbean and Asian vibe, and don’t be surprised to find more exotic ingredients such as Mauby Bark syrup, Garandilla fruit and Nigerian Guinness Foam.

So You’re Thirsty: There are loads of great options, and you’ll have a hard time picking your favourite from such a varied list. We went mad for the Black Rice Old Fashioned (using a liquor found specifically in Elephant and Castle) and the Cracked Sky. It has a fiery ginger kick which will excite those taste buds.

Hungry Too?: Never fear - this is the perfect place to grab a snack. The award winning Angels and Gypsies tapas bar is upstairs, so there’s all the chorizo, tortillas and croquetas you could desire.

Don’t leave without trying: The homemade amaretto or limoncello liqueur. It is divine.

Prices Please: The drinks average about £8 each, and there’s a ‘Blessed Happy Hour’ between 6-8pm each day.

To read the full review, head to Social and Cocktail here!

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