Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wednesday Beer: Goose Island IPA

-By Sam Green

This week I bring you another American heavyweight, this time from The Windy City of Chicago in the USA. And no, I don't mean Road Warrior Hawk - I'm talking about Goose Island IPA

It was born by founder John Hall after he toured Europe beer by beer and decided that America needed fine beer as well. So in the 1980s he settled in Chicago to bring the world Goose Island. 

I enjoyed this beer in the idyllic setting of the Essex coast, on a campsite, with a the classic English summer clouds. 

Slightly amber in colour, the first thing I noticed on the nose was notes of honeysuckle and rich spicy notes. Almost peppery. 

On the palate this a true Yank IPA. A total fruit bomb! 
Initial notes of caramel and candied nuts to start were then met with pineapple, mango, orange, lemon and a whole host of other fruits exploding, making it feel like a cataclysmic symphony. This is all followed by a sweet and spicy finish, leaving you feeling almost violated, but loving it. 

This is probably one of the first beers I've had in quite a while that has left me truly astounded. Cheers John, here's to you. 

Goose Island is available from Majestic for £12.99 for six bottle, but it's currently just £9.99 if you buy two cases on their craft beer deal. If you can't find it available on the website, give your local store a ring, as this tends to be more available in-store.

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