Friday, 11 July 2014

The Otley Run

It is wierd to think that this time two years ago I was graduating from University. After three years of 'hard work' it is crazy to think how quickly the past few years have gone. Now, although University is very serious and you are wanting to get a good degree, no University life is complete without a rip-snorter of a night out.
University of Leeds
Campus Reporter

Now, I studied Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies at The University of Leeds and not only is this a fantastic institution, it was also home to some of the nations best bars, pubs and clubs. One thing, however, that all students in the Leeds area will know more than anything else is the legendary 'Otley Run'. It is Britain's most famous Pub Crawl and usually sees thousands of fancy dress clad students stumbling down the 2 mile road. More recently however it played host to some of the world's most impressive athletes; the Tour de France.

I, therefore, thought it was only appropriate to write a piece on the night to end all nights; The Otley Run.

Originally, the crawl covered only Tetley Pubs. Today, however, the route goes south, starting in Woodies Ale House stretching down the Otley road before finishing in the centre of Leeds. Most people have their own variation when it comes to the final quarter but the first 15 (Yes, 15!) pubs are usually all accounted for. During my time at University our final bar was usually in the Student Union, which meant a total of 16 pubs.
Me, clearly ready for a few drinks

A typical Otley Run begins at approximately 15:30, with the plan of spending roughly 30 minutes in each pub and then allowing time to 'travel' between. Typically, it is a pint in each pub. Although I do remember one fateful evening where we decided to do a pint AND a shot in each. It didn't end well.

The idea is to make it through each pub before pouring yourself into your club of choice. Being a Uni student (not Met, ew) this was usually Fruity in the Union. Never let me down.

Anywho, the Otley Run isn't just about getting crunk and trying it on with the girl you like. Fancy dress plays a huge part in it. A favourite of mine was witnessing 30 beautiful ladies sprinting down the road dressed, identically, as foxes. Only to be followed a few moments later by two very lucky men in full Hunt outfits, blowing their horns. Either that or a man dressed as a full bath and shower combination; shower fully working.


The Run also features a number of fantastic pubs. Particularly at the start of the run with Woodies Ale House, The Three Horseshoes and towards the middle, The Original Oak. All supplying fantastic local brews such as Black Sheep which has made their own beer for the Tour de France and of course, Tetley's.


So if you ever find yourself in Yorkshire and looking for a fun days drinking, look no further than Leeds and the legendary Otley Run.

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