Friday, 25 July 2014

The Crusher Pinot Noir

I know, I know, and I’m very sorry, but it’s another American booze post again. I can’t help myself, I’ve got Yank fever! (In the wrong context that could sound horrendous). Having drunk my way through the majority of California’s wine regions I’ve yet to find something that I didn’t like. Well…there was one instance with a certain wine that almost made me wretch but I won’t name names. It rhymes with P&K Fallo. But awesome name though right?

I’m spending my week in the charming village of Burnham Market in North Norfolk. Whenever we come here I simply have to visit the absolutely brilliant people over at Satchells. They’re a small independent place which will serve pretty much any booze need you have.

For instance, the Mrs and I have spent quite a long time looking for elderflower liqueur, but found no luck in any of the supermarkets. Just as we were on the brink of ordering online, Satchells saved the day and the holiday, with the brilliant Chase Elderflower liqueur. Elderflower fizz all round tonight! But they also have liqueurs in every flavour you could possibly imagine (some that I'd never even heard of) and do all sorts of weird and wonderful things, such as mead!

The big name places and even the supermarkets have their place in the world, but there is definitely something to be said for popping into the little independent wine shop near you and seeing what they have. You’ll still find the branded stuff, but there’ll be wine from places that simply don’t have the output to fill the chain stores. If you have an idea of what you like and where it comes from, just go in and ask and whoever is there will make a recommendation. All the staff in independent places are very knowledgeable and happy to give advice. Which leads me on to this cheeky little number...

The Crusher Pinot Noir. Hailing from the lesser known region of Clarksburg just outside Sacramento, The Crusher is a range of wines from two families, Sebastiani from Sonoma County and Wilson from Clarksburg. It is so named ‘for the point in the winemaking process where the fruit of one family’s labors, literally gives way to anothers.’

In the glass it’s a bright garnet colour, light even for Pinot Noir. On the forefront of the nose there are crunchy red fruits and a definite whiff of rhubarb and custard. I know right?! It’s got a nice weight to it as it coats your mouth with flavours of cranberry, strawberry and a little lick of oak to finish it off. It’s very low on acidity which almost comes across as slightly flabby and if it wasn’t for the oak influence and nice bit of tannin it would be too unbalanced. The finish is fairly long and leaves a satisfying woody spice behind. This isn’t as full and juicy as most Cali Pinot’s I’ve had in the past, but at only £10.99 from Satchells, this is a flippin’ bargain!

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