Thursday, 3 July 2014

POPS: World's First Champagne Ice Popsicle

POPS Classic
Miley Cyrus has sucked on one, Kate Moss has had her hands on quite a few and as for some of the Made In Chelsea crew - they've had more than their fair share.

Dirty thoughts aside people, I am talking about POPS - world's first Champagne ice popsicle. Part adult decadence and part inner child fun, POPS are featuring highly on my summer must-have list along with an optimism of of long sunny days and plenty of barbecue time!

Last week I slummed it on King's Road in Chelsea (if I must!) to meet POPS co-founder James and sample the new boozy, icy delight.

Made from Champagne and blended with stabilising agents to allow the alcohol to set, this adult ice lolly is sure to catch on fast - we think it's perfect for al fresco entertaining over the summer. 

Whilst laws of chemistry mean that the bubbles of the Champagne don't freeze as bubbles, the grain of the ice and the acidity of the Champagne retained, each bite/suck/slurp is full of flavour and almost crystal like in texture.

Completely refreshing, POPS combines elegance and fun with practicality - cone shaped packaging allows one not to drip sticky Champagne on ones hands, and when it melts, you simply sip to finish every last drop!

Celebrating just one month officially in business, POPS co-founders Harry and James have already made their POPS presence known, particularly on the London social scene. Thanks to their well-connected founders, POPS have surprised and delighted well-dressed Londoners at Sloanie hotspots Kensington Roof Gardens and Bodos Schloss, as well as appearing at Glastonbury and the Queen's Club Polo final.

Champage ice popsicles are the BEST.

With their Twitter reel (@wepopPOPS) taking us on the POPS journey from day one in production to their appearance at Royal Ascot and Glastonbury just last week, this pair sure know how to party. POPS complements their work hard, play hard attitude - a bit like us Vinspire folk - and if it's a place to be seen, POPS will be there. 

This weekend their POPScycle (below, genius idea) is at the Henley Regatta and also making an appearance at Wireless festival, as well as the Lovebrunch series at the Kensington Roof Gardens so be sure to seek them out.

Their website is still under construction as production goes into full swing for the summer, but if you want to get in touch, they're fully engaged in social media; Twitter (@wepopPOPS), Facebook (POPS) and Instagram (POPSpoparazzi).

Though POPS are probably destined for poolside glamour in Beverly Hills or Miami, for now, we're excited that they're still local! If you live or work in London, get in touch - they do home and office drops!

POPScycle! Genius.

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