Thursday, 24 July 2014

New Southern Comfort Lemonade & Lime Premix

Southern Comfort Lemonade & Lime
It's been a long time since I last drank Southern Comfort - we're talking eight or nine years - and when I did, I was at university, it was mixed with Coke, and it was far too late in the evening to be making rationalised decisions!

Since then, it's not really been on my radar - until now...

Southern Comfort, Lemonade & Lime is super brand new and currently exclusive to Tesco stores at £2.99 per 275ml bottle.

At 5% abv, it's on par with a lager or other pre-mixed spirit drinks which we're used to grabbing in the sunshine, and not too full-on for afternoon drinking or al fresco dining.

While the sun is still scorching (please may it continue) the combination of Southern Comfort, lemonade and lime is extremely appealing when you get home and you make a beeline for the fridge be it only to stick your head in for a few seconds after a stuffy train ride.

Pre-mixed, in 275ml bottles, where the only effort you need to put in is finding a bottle opener to pop off the cap, this is summer simplicity at its best and Southern Comfort have clearly mastered an understanding of the British lethargy after the beating sun has sapped all energy to do anything but chillax.

Granted, I'm still not quite sure exactly what Southern Comfort is after all these years (I've been informed it's a one-of-a-kind blend of fruits, spices and American whiskey) and but it's quite refreshing, and mixed with lemonade and zesty lime it certainly hits the spot.

Not a huge drinker of pre-mixes I was a little worried it might be too sweet, but chilled well, it wasn't offensive - much less sweet than I anticipated. With a balance of refreshing citrus flavour and fruity Southern Comfort sweetness, it strikes the perfect note to be a picnic and barbecue choice - just don't forget your bottle opener...always such a shame if you do.

Whilst I've poured it into a glass with a handful of ice, a wedge of lemon and a wedge of lime for photographic purposes and to show you how refreshing it looks, you really need do no more than keep a few bottles in the fridge and pop the cap to enjoy.

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