Saturday, 1 July 2017

Le Tour de France drinking game

"Sod it. To the pub..."
Since everyone loves drinking until they think they are good at sports, here is a drinking game for the Tour de France which starts today (don't attempt to cycle after playing...).

You will need:

  • Beer (copious amounts): Beer and cycling go hand in hand.
  • Shots of Vodka: Wiggo's favourite drink (when served with soda).

The rules are simple... you must of course be watching the cycling.

This game can be played in two forms; either when you are watching the hour-long highlights programme on an evening, or, if you are a serious trooper, you can play while watching the five or so hours of live coverage throughout the day. If you take the second option I respect you highly. I don't necessarily like you, but I do respect you...

As soon as the race starts, here's what you need to do:

When a cyclist creates a breakaway, you take a shot of vodka.

When the commentators come out with an extremely dull fact (e.g. the date that a bridge/church was built), take a sip of beer.

Every time a cyclist throws their water bottle away, shot of vodka.

When a fan runs up the road alongside the cyclists, you drink your beer until they stop running.

When a cyclist takes a tumble, you finish your beer.

When the peloton catches up with a breakaway, you take two shots of vodka.

When there is a sprint, you drink from the moment the first rider starts sprinting, until the sprint/race finishes.

The last person standing at the end of the game, wins the yellow jersey...

Have fun folks and drink responsibly!*

Image taken from Numerius' photostream, under the creative commons license.

*As ever, Vinspire drinking games are tongue-in-cheek suggestions, and can be ignored, adapted or embraced wholeheartedly depending on your own personal preference.

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