Monday, 28 July 2014

Lager & Lime is DEAD. RIP Lager & Lime. Here's Its Replacement...

Photo: Jirka Matousek (CCL)

The British Summer is a funny beast isn't it? Sun...Rain....Sun....Lots of Rain.

After all the confusion, you're going to need a drink, and sometimes you just want a quick slurp of a shandy or a neck of lager & lime. Well unfortunately, nobody told you, but the lager & lime is dead, killed off by a much superior cordial. (Well, according to me...)

Introducing the Lager & Lime's successor: The Lager & Elderflower.

Now, I know what you're thinking; since when did lager go all soppy on us? And believe me, I get a LOT of stick from people when I drink it. But it's SO GOOD. So much better than lager with lime, and I LOVE lime! Hence the massive Rennie cupboard in my kitchen...

It's the most simple of cocktails, and most (good) pubs now stock an Elderflower cordial for a whole host of purposes - Gin & Tonic, Elderflower & Soda, Pimm's with Elderflower are but a few.

I'm not going to teach you to suck eggs with a recipe (just slug in however much of the cordial you want) I'm just enlightening you, hopefully enhancing your world and making your life much, much sunnier & more flowery.

So, grab a lager and a bottle of Elderflower cordial (Belvoir do a great one and it's on offer at 2 for a fiver at Tesco until tomorrow!), and mix yourself some liquid sunshine.

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