Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Koko Kanu: The UK's Only True Coconut Rum

Where I work summer is drawing to an end, most people have been on their holidays and we are starting to talk about Christmas, all the new wines and products we'll have. It's only a little bit depressing. I am able to partially ward off the feelings of the inevitable as I am still to flee to warmer climes, but I need a little help getting through.

I have been sent a wonderful rum to really get me back in the summer mood. Koko Kanu is the UK's only true coconut rum, any rum can get me in brighter spirits but the light and fruity styles that are perfect for cocktails are even more likely to get me in a summery mood. Kok Kanu comes from Jamaica, is a clear rum having seen no maturation to retain all the tropically fruity goodness and is nicely affordable at £19.99 to add to that.

On the nose there are bundles of coconut, pineapple and tropical fruits with sugar cane and caramel coming through. This smells just like a Mai Tai, the nose is so rich, fruity and sweet, it's so inviting.

On the palate Koko Kanu is unsurprisingly sweet and smooth - it really coats the mouth with an almost syrupy mouthfeel. There is just so much flavour of coconut with perhaps a little banana. For me this is best drunk over ice as whilst the sweetness is great it can be a little cloying without that icy freshness (besides, who wants to drink warm rum in this weather?!)

This is a really nice white rum, there is so much sweet fruit flavour and it does have a very nice texture and a surprising amount of body. It is very good on its own over ice, but is even better as part of a cocktail, be it Mai Tai, Daquiri or Mojito. Speaking of which, here's Koko Kanu's very own mojito recipe!

Koko Kanu Mojito

  • 50ml Koko Kanu
  • 1/2 a lime cut into 4 pieces
  • 2 tsp Caster sugar
  • Soda water
  • 6 mint leaves
  • Crushed ice
  1. Add the limes to a tall glass followed by the sugar and a dash of soda water
  2. Press the limes with a muddling stick
  3. Add the mint followed by crushed ice
  4. Add the rum and stir gently
  5. If required add a little more soda or sugar
  6. Top off with a little more crushed ice and garnish with mint

Koko Kanu caqn be bought from The Whisky Exchange for £19.15

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  1. Fab drink. Tasty & luxurious. Takes me straight to a caribbean beach. Perfect mixed with pineapple or tropical fruit juice. If you were thinking of mixing it with coke I would just buy the inferior in taste Malibu!