Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A Simple Solution to a "Common" Problem

How many times have you been enjoying a bottle of fizz with some friends and had a bit left in the bottle that you want to take home? Probably not THAT often, considering that it's not often that sparkling wine is left to waste.
However, if you have ever been in the situation when you have been trying to cram a Champagne cork back into  the bottle, you will know it's not the easiest thing to do. If you stick a normal wine cork into a bottle of fizz, it often holds fine, until you get into the car, where the shaking bottle can cause the corks to fly out like a bullet as you speed down country lanes. A Champagne cork in the face is not ideal when driving...

So what to do...? well if you have a proper Champagne Stopper, then good for you. You are no longer welcome here, please return to your palace. For the less fortunate (more lazy) of us, there is a more simple way of keeping your wine from spilling everywhere in the car. Although it wont keep the fizz anywhere near as well as a purpose-made stopper, this method will certainly stop any chances of you being smashed in the nose by a flying cork while you drive.

1. Grab your bottle and the crown that is used to hold the cork in place.

fig. 2...            (mmmm, fig, yum)
fig. 1

2. Place the cap onto the bottle, pushing it down with as much force as you can.

3. Whilst keeping as much force on the cap as possible, tighten the wire as much as you can, it is really important that the cap is pushed as far down as you can get it and that the wire is as tight as possible.

4. Easy as that! Now put your bottle on the front seat of your car, strap it in with the seatbelt and treat it like it's your child.

Simple, but effective! Next time you open a bottle of fizz, don't throw away the crown! Or, just man-up and drink it all... your call.

P.S. if you are the sort who likes to "Sabre" their champers, this wont work. Maybe try not being so extravagant..?

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