Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A New Addition: Laphroaig Select

Well, I have been remiss in not reviewing a new release from one of the top distilleries in Scotland. From Bonny Prince Charlie (Prince of Wales)'s favourite distillery comes a new expression; Laphroaig Select.

This is a no age statement whisky that is a mix of specially selected casks made up of; Olorosos sherry butts, American white oak, Quarter Casks, Pedro Ximenez hogsheads and first fill bourbon casks. Whiskies are chosen from a mixture of these casks, put together and left to integrate for a while before bottling. A big plus is that there has been no caramel added to this dram which is nice, but it is only bottled at 40%.

On the nose there is the typical brine and medicinal quality that is so synonymous with Laphroaig, but perhaps without quite so much of the aggression. Added to the peat are caramel, brown sugar and banana, this nice new sweetness which doesn't feature at all in the 10yr is an interesting departure. The nose is very nice and there is some good quality there.

On the palate Select is light, soft and round with a nice mouthfeel and a decent finish. There are again the same softer peat mixed with vanilla, sweet spices, pepper, some caramel and citrus fruit. This dram is a very nice and easy medium weight peated whisky without too much complexity, it won't leave you perplexed and would be great just to pick up after a long day at work.

This is a decent whisky, it's well put together, however, unfortunately the final product probably isn't greater than the sum of its parts (provided they aren't using this to get rid of some really bad casks and hide the issues within the blend). This dram is obviously Laphroaig, but it lacks the punch that other bottles such as the 10yr and Quarter Cask offer. That being said this would make a fantastic introductory dram to those looking to get into Islay malts as it introduces the base flavours without being overbearing.

Fancy trying Laphroaig Select for yourself? It's available at The Whisky Exchange for £34.95.

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