Thursday, 12 June 2014

World Cup Drinking Game

In case you didn't know already, the World Cup starts tonight with hosts (and favourites for the tournament) Brazil taking on Croatia. I am sure some of you reading this are extremely excited for what many believe to be the greatest sporting event in the world. A bunch of overpaid men kicking a ball around and falling about, what isn't to like?
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There are, however, many of you out there that couldn't give a flying fart to what is happening in South America over the next month or so. All you know is that it is all anyone is going to be talking about, all that is on television and all that is featured in your news feeds. Now you could just go lock yourselves in a dark room and pretend that nothing is happening. Alternatively, you could do what I myself am going to be doing. Seeing it as an opportunity to get right royally Sepp Blatter'd. After all, the games are in the evening and what else are you going to be doing with your time?

Having looked around for a good World Cup drinking game online I have been left bitterly disappointed. Most are either painfully boring or way over the top. I have therefore taken it upon myself to create my own World Cup 2014 Drinking Game! You may show your approval, now. 

What you will need:
- A light drink of your choice. For example: Beer, cider or a light cocktail. This is going to be your main port of call so make sure you have a lot of it and it is something you like. 
- A strong spirit e.g. vodka, rum, whiskey etc.
- A list of the starting line ups.
- Courage

Pre-game set up:
- Make sure your drinks are close at hand and at the desired temperature.
- Put each player into a hat and each select a player. This is now your player for the rest of the game (if they are subbed/sent off, chose another). If you're feeling particularly firm and fruity then you can pick more than one (I find 3 a good number). 
- Each pick a side (if there are more than 2 people simply divide up between teams). 

Team Rules:
- Players must be upstanding for their respective national anthems (singing is encouraged). 
- If your team are favorites- do a shot of the spirit of choice
- If your team score, finish your drink.
- If your team is scored against, do a shot. If the goal is by a defender, do two shots.

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Player Rules:
- Every time your player is on screen (alone) you must be downing your drink until they are off. 
- Take a drink every time your player gets the ball.
- Your player scores a goal- everyone else does a shot whilst you celebrate.
- Your player gets an assist- everyone else drinks half of their drink.
- Player gets a yellow card- half of your drink. Whole drink for a red. 2 fingers for a foul.
- If the commentator mentions them- 1 finger. 
- Your player is subbed - finish your drink then stand and clap them off.
- Your player berates the ref - apologise to your friends and have a finger of drink. 
- If you're a goalkeeper: make a save - 2 fingers, goal kick- 1 finger

Other Rules (optional):
- First half, drink with your left hand. Second half, right.
- If the camera pans to a celebrity- drink until they are off screen
- Dancing girls on camera? Bloody get up and dance!
- Mention 1966 - Have a shot. 
- Penalty shootout? Shot for every missed penalty. 

These rules are, of course, adaptable. Be responsible and adjust to your level - we can't make you drink responsibly, but we can encourage it, even if we don't always do it either. This is just a bit of fun and a way (only way, probably) to make football interesting and fun! So give it a go!


Final: Brazil v France

Winner: Brazil

Golden Boot: Neymar

England: Quarter Finals

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