Friday, 20 June 2014

Ultimate Wine Geek Homeware: Corkscrew Candleabra

My day has been completely made.

Whilst browsing through Not on the High Street for a birthday gift, something absolutely gorgeous caught my eye, but it wasn't until I looked closer that I saw just how perfect it is.

Design company Ginger Rose has come up with a sneaky and ingenious wine tool that will make your next dinner party much, much prettier - the wooden candelabra corkscrew!

Not only is it a cute wooden corkscrew that you can actually, you know, open bottles of wine with, it's also has three little holes in the top into which you can insert gorgeous candles!

So once you have an empty bottle and the light is starting to fade, just pop the cork (with the corkscrew still attached!) back into the bottle so it's nice and sturdy, add three candles in the corkscrew's hole, and light! Hey presto - gorgeous light-fitting and instant bottle recycling, hooray!

Whoever thought of this is definitely now up there with some of my favourite people. My only slight reservation is allowing my friends or I to go anywhere near fire when I've had half a bottle of wine... so I might just keep a pretty empty bottle handy so I don't need to finish one before I can light my candles...

The corkscrew candelabra is £26.95 from Not on the High Street and gets delivered pretty sharpish indeed. Who else wants one?

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