Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tuesday Beer: Underdog Atlantic Lager

As with any wino, I'm open to anything the booze world has to offer, but I'm still a bit of a Francophile when it comes to wine and no one does ale better than good ol' Blighty.

Over the last few months however, I find myself more often looking over the Atlantic for mind altering liquids. Everyone knows of the wine making prowess from the likes of California, New York and Washington,  but American beer certainly has something to say for itself. And no I'm not talking about Budweiser and Rolling Rock.

Lately I've been getting to know the Flying Dog Brewery. Originally founded in Colorado and named after an incident when the founder George Stranahan drunkenly saw a painting of a flying dog in a hotel in Pakistan after climbing K2. So a casual Tuesday then.

Underdog Atlantic Lager is one of their superb offerings. Golden yellow with a decent head, the nose is yeasty and biscuity with some sweet malt. On the palate it's rich and sweet with notes of caramel, nuts and refreshing citrus bite on the finish. A nice malty brew with a good kick of hoppy citrus to close. Unlike a lot of US beers, It's not a complete fruit bomb, but a simple, satisfying lager.

Underdog is available in 6 can packs from Majestic for £9.99 on their craft beer offer.

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