Friday, 13 June 2014

Girl Chat: Tea not Football. Summer Iced Teas.

I’m really sorry, football fans, but I am already pretty fed up with the W-C words. I will happily watch the England games and rummage up some patriotic spirit for when our national team kick a ball around an (apparently terrible) pitch, roll around on the floor and miss penalties, but I don’t need it 24/7 thank you very much.

So to that point, and to avoid the apparently masculine conversation in the office ranging from world cup sticker books to the actual lyrics of the national anthems, the girls ended up chatting about tea. How very cliché.

The weather in the UK this week has been GLORIOUS, and this has somewhat disrupted our one-an-hour caffeine fix which in our particular office comes from tea. We move from Yorkshire in the morning to Earl (or Lady) Grey in the afternoon, with some green or peppermint tea thrown in for good measure. Needless to say, the variety in our tea cupboard is vast.

When it’s hot, some claim the hot drinks help to cool you down... Google offers me little advice or evidence on this fact and thus- I don’t believe it. In heat, cool, refreshing drinks are what we all crave.
This Peach and Green Tea drink from Firefly is my absolute favourite thirst quencher. I get the refreshing caffeine with a touch of summer fruit in a lovely glass bottle with a photo of women jumping for joy on the front. Tastes great, looks cool, pretty healthy. Job done! You can buy it from lots of retailers including Waitrose for around £1.50

Only, I can’t justify to be drinking a bottle of firefly every hour or so I figured it can’t be THAT hard to make what is effectively cold tea. Hint number one, allowing your tea to go cold, doesn’t cut it- sorry.

The best recipe I have found is from Delia Smiths Summer Collection; and I have tried it without the orange, and adding citrus fruits. Fruit teas work really well too- and the rules are the same as with your alcoholic drinks- lots of ice and plenty of garnish.

Have an experiment at home and let me know the best recipes; I’m on the quest to be as refreshing and delicious as my favourite firefly J

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