Wednesday, 25 June 2014

English Summer: Chilgrove Gin

It's official, England have footballed badly and the team are heading home early. The prospect of a long summer of drinking, barbecues and watching England disappoint us later in the World Cup are hanging in tatters... it's time to get England back in our summer with a gin that's new on the scene!

Chilgrove is a new gin from beautiful Englishy Sussex, the newest released gin in the UK (having only been release two weeks ago) and unique as it is in the first English gin to have been distilled from grape spirit. This is a nod to the original Dutch spirit that lead to gin which was distilled from wine. Chilgrove is infused with 11 different botanicals and is billed as a gin for all seasons, unique, but with all the hallmarks of English gin.

On the nose there is a bucketload of juniper, orange, cloves and coriander along with liquorice, lime and a light touch of mint. The nose is wonderfully sweet and spicy and really jumps out of the glass, it beautifully fresh and zesty with great depth. 

On the palate the gin is surprisingly full bodied, it is quite thick coats your mouth. There is lovely pepper on the front of the palate with the orange and sweeter spices then coming through. The lime and other citrus fruits develop nicely in the finish which lasts well. This is a wonderfully round and layered gin that is soft and not too hot despite its 44% and can easily be drunk straight as a sipping gin. Chilgrove also makes a beautiful G&T and would be great in a martini.

This is a really fantastic gin, it has great flavour, is wonderfully polished, has decent complexity and to top it all is small-batched produced and fully British!

Pick up a bottle of Chilgrove gin from Master of Malt for £29, continue to enjoy the beautiful British weather we've been having and drown your sorrows at Rooney's perpetual failure.

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