Friday, 6 June 2014

'Follow Me, Bring Beer' - FlipSidez Amazing Boozy Flip Flops

Holiday shopping and a lover of booze? This one might be for you.

You see, I noticed a tweet from the Ultimate Beer Goddess that is Melissa Cole on Tuesday (she's the genius behind Let Me Tell You About Beer) and she pointed out what quite possibly might be my new favourite flip-flop shop ever.

The super FlipSidez on Etsy make flip-flops with little messages under the soles, so as you walk along the sand you basically leave a trail of hilarity. So far, so yes.

But the flip flops that caught the eye of Melissa (and then me, obviously) are the 'Follow Me / Bring Beer' Flip Flops! I love them SO HARD.

You can choose them in a variety of colours too (I want the coral ones...) but not only that - they do a huge range of designs which also include various logos instead of words - for instance, you can also pick a wine glass or martini glass for the underside of your flip-flops.

Or you can pick the 'Follow Me, Bring Wine' flip flops, or the 'It's Five O'Clock Somewhere' design.

I'm away to the beach for a week in July and I cannot wait to try these boozy beauties out - they're £11.58 per pair plus a little bit of postage from the States (not much!) and usually arrive in two or three weeks.

Now who's going to follow me with booze?

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