Thursday, 1 May 2014

Wine Cork Craft: Wedding Style

Tell your guests where they can get a drink!
So you're getting married? Or you're the bridesmaid? Or perhaps the mother of the bride? Whichever part you play, there's no doubt you're going to be getting involved and these super easy craft ideas can make the day extra personal.

In keeping with all things weddings at Vinspire this week, and to celebrate national wedding week, we've collated a new board on the Vinspire Pinterest page to help you with some crafty ideas for using wine corks as place card holders, table planners, decorations or centrepieces.

Want to use your creative, imaginative side, save-pennies and show everyone your passion for wine? If so, Wine Cork Craft: Wedding Style is for you. Not only will you be recycling corks in a creative way, you'll probably need to drink more wine to collect enough corks for your DIY wedding projects (oh dear, what a shame - screwcaps don't count, that doesn't help your cause!).

On Monday, Laura introduced us to some seriously special vineyard wedding venues in the UK, and these crafty ideas would sit right at home at a wine-lovers wedding. Of course, the real fun begins when you decide you want to take a project on and you need to start collecting your corks - harder than it sounds when so many bottles are screwcap. And so your journey begins. Picking up a bottle for the weekend? At a friend's for dinner? Ask if you can keep the corks.
Cork board for a table plan
For super easy results, keep it simple with table setting boards or place cards. To greet your guests at the reception, a cork table-setting board sets the scene for your theme and makes it easy to pin the names and table numbers for your family and friends.

Alternatively, for a more classic looking table plan, write the names of guests on corks, attach a piece of string, then hang on hooks below the table number. Tip: guests can then take this with them to the table and use to keep hold of their wine glass!

To make place cards for table settings - simply cut a slit into either the top, or the side, and slip a piece of card in with the guest's name. Keep it simple and rustic or add a splash of colour with a fabric flower pinned to the top, or an end dipped in paint to match your theme.

Champagne cage chairs
Let's not forget our friends sparkling wine and Champagne - the corks are different shapes (a mushroom cork, it's called) but you can also keep the wire cage.

The corks probably serve best as place card holders for table settings and you could jazz them up with some flowers, or dip the end in paint to match your colour theme.

To make use of the wire cages - which often get thrown away - why not make these super cute mini chairs, which also make great place card holders - your female guests are sure to 'oooh' and 'ahhh' over how tiny they are!

Granted, they are a bit fiddly, but get a few or the girls over for a few glasses of vino and make a night of it. Once you get in the swing of it, you'll get the hang of it.

Add personality to plain vases
There are also some fab ideas if you've got loaaaads of corks saved up, like an alternative to the traditional guest book. Get guests to write their names, or a short message (in tiny writing!) on a cork, and place them inside a shadowbox to display at home after the wedding.

You might also like to try stringing together some corks and hang tealight candles from the ends, like this gorgeous garland.

Or perhaps add attitude to a plain vase by filling with corks, then perhaps a church candle in the centre, or add a bunch of brightly coloured flowers.

So if it's a case of too many corks, so little time (not that I recall when this has ever happened before!), check out our new Wine Cork Craft: Wedding Style board on our Vinspire Pinterest page for some inspiration.

We'd love to hear from you if you've tried any of these crafty wedding ideas or have any we can add to help others planning to get creative with corks.


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