Monday, 19 May 2014

Monday Morning Mugs: Walls Classic Lollies Mugs!

Photo: Huggie74

Well, after that utter corker of a weekend going back to work is even harder, isn't it? All the sunshine, the ice cold drinks, the barbecue food and the ice cream. Oh the ice cream.
Well LOOK! LOOK! Walls classic ice lollies mugs are a thing! Now you can have ice cream with your Monday morning cup of coffee in the office! 

I'm pretty much leaping with joy (except I'm not leaping anywhere because I'm too full of ice cream from the weekend) - but BEWARE, apparently they've been discontinued, so you'll need to snap them up sharpish. They're only £13.50 from The Contemporary Home on Not On The High Street!

First, however, you have to choose which of the two options you're going to pick. It's like being 8 years old and gazing up at the ice cream van's window display all over again, only this time you're not covered in sand/mud/grass stains. Well, hopefully not, anyway.

First up, it's the Split / Starship lolly mug. Everyone always had strawberry splits, didn't they? The other flavours were rubbish. 

And Starships are the most refreshing thing ever.

Then you've got the Funny Feet / Twister mug option. Funny feet were probably the least cool ice cream in the ENTIRE WORLD, amiright?

But Twisters - YAY, TWISTERS - remain my favourite ever ice cream to this day. This mug is going to make me grin like a loon every time I see it.

So there we have it. Weekend is over, but the ice cream mug fun is just beginning. Oh, the joys of summer.

Which one would you pick? In fact, just tell me your favourite ice cream from when you were a kid. Let's reminisce the shit out of this Monday.

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