Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Post-Bank Holiday Monday Morning Mug: To Err Is Human, To Arr Is Pirate

The downside of a beautiful long bank holiday weekend is the inevitable slump on a Tuesday morning - so much worse than a regular weekend, because you probably still have all of Monday's work to do, you're probably suffering from your third hangover in as many days, and you almost definitely did not get enough sleep this weekend.

Times like these call for strong cups of tea in bloody brilliant mugs, so I was rather chuffed at the timely discovery of The Poke's comical collection of mugs on ShotDead in the Head last week.

There's over 50 designs to choose from - some of which I found funnier than others, so I'm guessing you'll be able to find one to please pretty much everyone you know. Even grumpy Aunt Doris. Some of them are quite sweary - I bet she'll like those.

Here are four of my favourites:

'To err is human, to arr is pirate.' This is everything I've ever wanted in a mug.

"FUCKING SPIFFING!" shall forever be my catchphrase of choice whilst tipsy.

Sad dinosaur is definitely having a worse day than you are.

Irritable Owl Syndrome. This kind of silliness is what I get up in the morning for.

All of these are a very reasonable £9.99, and the simple, unfussy design makes them the perfect work mug. Which one of these would brighten your morning the most?

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