Friday, 16 May 2014

Ice Cold Beer: Einstok Icelandic White Ale

I was wandering around Majestic at a local tasting last night and realised they were stacking the ice buckets and glasses on top of a massive crate of Einstok Icelandic White Ale. It was a useful jog to the memory - I first tried it about a month ago, and completely forgot to tell the world how amazing it is!

I'm a beer fan, but it's not generally my first beverage of choice when there's wine around, however in the case of Einstok I'll make a totally pain-free exception.

Brewed in Iceland (the country, not where Mums go), it is based on the Belgian 'witbier' (that's 'white beer' for all those that haven't quite woken up yet). This means it was already onto a winner in my eyes - the last time I sipped witbier was at an amazing Oktoberfest breakfast with some brilliant Munich residents, meaning I have pretty fond memories of the stuff. It was malty with sweet creamy citrus, and went really well with pretzels and sausages...

But this is totally different to what I've had before: Einstok takes the citrus and smooth, creamy texture, but then transfigures it into the purest, cleanest beer I've ever tried, with completely satisfying balance and intense drinkability.

Iceland's Blue Lagoon, as if you didn't need another
reason to visit other than beer. Photo: Vesna M
Its light, fragrant, almost holy character is bolstered by the 5.2% abv, giving it a bit of backbone to stop it fizzling into nothing.

When would I drink it? I reckon any time from spring to autumn, whether it's in the garden with some friends or in front of the telly watching the World Cup. I'd probably also sip it with a nice, nutty, creamy vegetable curry.

A pack of 6 Einstok Icelandic White Ale bottles is £12.99 in Majestic, but if you buy two packs it's just £9.99 each. That's well worth it.
But if you want to just try a bottle or two, grab it for £1.79 per bottle from The Drink Shop.

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