Friday, 23 May 2014

Celebrity Wine: Miraval Rose - Is It Worth It?

Okay, I know the Miraval rose has been out for a while now, but Vinspire finally got our cheeky little paws on a bottle (well a magnum, but that's neither here nor there). 

Many of you may not know that Miraval is owned by a celebrity couple. Brangelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Idiot) no less! While 'they have a large hand in making the wine', the brains behind the outfit is the Perrin Family from Chateau de Beaucastel in Southern Rhone. 

There seems to be a trend for celebrity endorsed wines to absolutely smash sales and demand a price tag that requires a house remortgage and the sale of three kidneys to buy a case. More often than not however, the quality doesn't match the price point. So is the Miraval worth the hype? 

With rave reviews from the likes of Jancis Robinson MW, it's certainly garnered itself a decent reputation. But we all know the only review that really matters is ours, so here we go!

The Miraval Rose has an amazing depth of flavour unlike any rose I've ever had. The delicate pink tinge is typical of Provence rose as is the nose of red berries and vanilla, but with unexpected whiffs of stone fruit and hints of fennel. The palate is incredibly complex with initial red berry fruit mingling with white peach and apricot while it's herbaceos notes of fennel and garrigue add a touch of surprise and complexity. It also has a lovely creamy texture which marries all the flavours together nicely.

Overall I was thoroughly impressed with the Miraval. Normally I struggle to pay anything over £8-10 for a rose - at £17.99 from Majestic, it's certainly a step up from the normal Provence price tag, and sure the celebrity backing adds a few quid, but this is a damn fine rose that stands apart from the rest. 

Kudos to you Brangelina, this almost makes up for Mr and Mrs Smith. Almost.

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