Thursday, 1 May 2014

ULTIMATE Wedding Novelty & Stylish Booze Bars for Hire

In case you haven't noticed, it is Wedding week here at Vinspire and we are treating you to a week long barrage of fun, exciting and useful tips for all of your Wedding needs!

Now I will get this out of the way early. I have been to three weddings in my life (one when I was less than 2 years old) and I am absolutely no where near getting married myself so you may think 'why should I listen to you! You poor singleton!' Well, for this reason and this reason only. I throw a bloody good party. 

So I have been searching for fun, off the wall and slightly alternative options for your Wedding Party alcoholic needs.
Impress with a Ferris Wheel
Picture from Ben_Senior under CCL

Brain-child of Ed Godden & Joe Lewis, The Travelling Gin Co. is a pop-up drinks service selling drinks (mainly G&T's) at a wide range of events. But that isn't all, they are fully prepared to tailor for your needs, especially when it comes to Weddings. Be it a Gin & Champagne reception after the ceremony or taking over the part for the evening do, Ed & Jo have got you covered. Simply fill out an enquiry form detailing what you'd be interested in and the boys will get to work! Did I mention they do it all from the back of a bicycle? And are both absolute dishes? 

Possibly the most mis-leading company name ever. Despite, admittedly, renting Kegs, they also provide ENTIRE BARS, bar staff, BBQ's & Hog Roasts and loads more! Should change their name to 'Rent-a-everything'. Lol. 
When (if) I get married I know I am going to want literally everything from this website. Heck, I am even thinking of buying a Keg of beer for this weekend! 

Mmmmmmmmm more Gin. If you're looking for something completely different and that is going to be a true experience, look no further. They are literally a travelling garden...... With booze! You let them know where you are wanting your post reception party and they will provide all of the foliage and festive liquids and set up a wonderland for you. Think Midsummer Nights Dream or Ali Baba and the One Thousand and One Nights this is the ideal for a peaceful drinks reception with top quality service, drink and beautiful surroundings. Even if you're in central London and only have a tiny terrace!

I am all about the portable stuff today! Brilliantly stylish, convenient and just darn right cool. I mean, you can have a VW campervan at your wedding that is a bar! Does it get much better? Not only is it stylish, but they again cater for your every need. Simply let them know what sort of service, drinks etc you're looking for and they will do all they can to accommodate. Just check out their constant stream of testimonials and you can see just how popular they are!

Whisky bar 

Prop-hire company Lavender and Linen hire out this gorgeous vintage decanter set - with full cleaning up and a large number of whisky tumblers and glasses included - for just £120.

You provide the booze yourself so you can go wild with your spirit choices - from gin and liqueurs to maybe even some cocktail pitchers...

The possibilities are endless!

Your wedding day is likely to be the most special, scary and brilliant day of your life so you must make it special. Either that, or just get a bit tipsy and you'll feel like you can conquer the world. 

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  1. Our wedding point person had taken off and had not left anyone in charge. The staff weren't sure what to do and it was chaos for a while.