Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tuesday Beer: Best of British Craft Beer.

Imagine getting 6 different beers sent to you every month. Now imagine those beers are craft beers and are always a little bit special every time. Now imagaine you only pay £24 a month for all this and that you in fact can do this exact thing and have awesome beer sent to you every month. Sounds great right?

Already offering a monthly beer subscription, Best of British Beer (which shall henceforth be referred to as BOBB) is now offering a Craft Beer monthly subscription. A lot of people have asked me, what exactly is craft beer? A lot of people will say craft beer is anything that doesn't have a big brand name behind it. Simply not true. Craft beer is anything that pushes the boundaries, something that dares to be a little bit different and will stick two fingers up at anyone who opposes it.

The marvellous chaps over at BOBB provided me with a lovely sample case to illustrate what this service is really going to be about

Among the box of wonders were Curious IPA from English Winemakers Chapel Down. I've championed their lager for a long time and the IPA didn't disappoint. Elegant, Bittersweet and classy all the way.

There was also Freedom Organic Lager which I have been meaning to try for a long time. It's got a delightful sweetness with an unmistakable taste of sweetcorn. All finished by refreshing bitterness.

Stroud Organic Lager was very full bodied but delightfully elegant in it's approach. Lovely citrus fruit and a hint of smoke.

Heavenly Blonde from Oldershaw Brewery is a pale blonde beer packed with tropical fruit flavours. It's only 3.8% but it's rich body and texture more than make up for it.

The 613 Annees from The Celt Experience really knocked my socks off. Delicious red fruit gives way to caramel and toasted, nutty flavours. A truly wonderful red ale. What's more is it's 6.6% and I drunk it in the morning. HA!

Finally, probably my most favourite of the case, The Red Willow Brewery Ageless Double IPA. Made in the American Hop driven style, it's initial hit of tropical fruit bows down to a beautifully smooth smoky finish. An absolute beauty! I also drank this one in the morning and it's 7.2%. I can't remember what I had for lunch...

This was just a sampler of what to expect from BOBB in their coming monthly craft beer cases. They are forever scouring the nation for new and interesting British brewers who just want to share their love of creativity with the world. It's a magnificent idea for anyone who wants to know more about craft beer and what this country has to offer.

The introductory price for all this is just £20 which includes delivery and, as with all BOBB cases, includes tasting notes and a pub quiz! Absolute win.

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