Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Six of the Best Boozy April Fools' Pranks 2014

And so ends another April Fools' Day, and there were certainly some good'uns this morning:

1. MW Students to be subjected to The Voice-style judging
Harpers produced my favourite of the day. The big question is whether our resident MW student Frances would pick Kylie or Tom...

2. Let There Be Beer launches beer made with 'finest British rainwater'.
The scary thing is, you almost wouldn't look twice at this one. Bravo, Let There Be Beer, we love you.

3. Red Squirrel Wine becomes the latest 'animal droppings' craze to hit the UK
Like civet coffee, but instead a range of wines made with grapes that come out of a squirrel's arse.

4. 'Borderless cafe' pop-up: reserve a park bench, and BYOC (bring your own coffee)... - Dalstonist
YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE VIDEO. It's the most sterling hipster performance you'll see this year.

5. Penfold's launches Single Grape Cuvee - WineRant
It's vinified in a thimble and costs a million pounds.

6. Wine Society launches a third own-label range called Spitting Image
It's made from what the Society Buyers deposit in spitttoons during tastings... The label is brilliant. The best thing about this is the comment which simply reads: 'I could not care less.'

Which were your favourites?

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