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Seasonal Weddings. What Drinks Should You Choose?

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'Aww a wedding in *insert month here*' seems to be the stock response to the announcement of the date of a wedding. Most of the time the actual date of a wedding and the details rarely coincide. Sure the colour scheme might reflect the season, so bright colours for spring/summer and cosy colours for autumn/winter, but if you really want your wedding to ooze the style of the season in which your matrimonial celebration is taking place, here are a few drinks ideas to make sure your bash is brimming with seasonal goodness.


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Spring is a time of rebirth and of new beginnings. Perfect ideology for a wedding wouldn't you say? It evokes feelings of freshness and light. However, spring weather can be a bit unpredictable, so a nice middle ground is always good.
For beer, try something fruity but still full bodied. A decent IPA will have lots of juicy fruit but still carry some spice and full bodied bitterness in case the cold comes creeping in.
A similar approach should be taken with the wine. For the whites, something like a white Rioja or anything predominantly Verdejo will have lots of fruit and some delicate, floral touches reminiscent of the season. Try the Marques de Riscal Rueda Blanco for £7.49 on a multi buy from Majestic. For the reds, a Corbieres or Cotes Du Rhone will be bursting with flavours of red berries and sweet spice. Again from Majestic, the Leon Perdigal Cotes Du Rhone is only £7.49 on multi-buy.

If you're serving cocktails, try anything gin-based. Good gins are packed with aromatic botanicals providing a refreshing crispness like no other. Martinis are always great but why not try the White Lady (a perfect bridal theme) - click for the recipe!


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Summer is all about being outside and doing things in a little more relaxed manner. If your wedding is taking place in summer, keep things simple, laid back and fun. All of the drinks that follow can be served chilled, even the red wine! I know right?

For the beer, a decent lager will go down a treat. Something light, that leads with a lot of citrus is going to quench a lot of thirsts perfectly.

White wines need to be crisp and refreshing so try a decent Loire Sauvignon Blanc or an unoaked Chardonnay like Chablis. While Chablis can be a bit on the pricey side, it's sibling Petit Chablis still has all the great mineral hallmarks but at a fraction of the cost. Sainsburys Taste the Difference Petit Chablis is £8.99 a bottle and has an abundance of green apple and citrus flavours.

Beaujolais is the perfect summer red. Made exclusively from Gamay, it has flavours of cherry, strawberry and banana. It can even be served straight from the fridge! Louis Jadot Beaujolais Villages is currently on offer in Tesco for only £7.99.

To keep things relaxed, why not try using pitchers of things rather than individual cocktails? Pimms is a summer staple but why not try making a huge bowl of punch? A bottle of something like white rum and a few fresh juices can go a long way. Plus it means people can serve themselves and get as hammered as they want. Have a look at our cocktails pinterest board for some seriously classy, pretty ideas.


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Autumn is a time of winding down and of immense beauty as winter starts to poke it's head round the corner like a curious child. Much like Spring, the weather can be horrendously unpredictable.

Golden ale is always a lovely autumnal beer choice. Toasty malt flavours but still maintaining a fresh citrus feel make for a perfectly balanced beer that's perfect for these occasions.

Viognier is the perfect Autumn white. Lots of stone fruit flavours and carrying some lovely spice, it's rich, robust texture makes it perfect should the evening turn a little chilly. The Alain Grignon Viognier from Majestic is currently on offer at £6.79. Red wine choosing can be a bit tricky for this time. Go for something Spanish. More often than not, it's medium bodied and will be leading with flavours of plum, blackberry and cassis. The Society's Southern Spanish Red from The Wine Society is a prime example. And it's only £5.50. Bargain!

Golden Rum is ideal for Autumn conditions. Try mixing it with simple things like ginger beer or even apple juice to create sweet and spicy shorts.


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So winter is here and all you want to do is curl up in front of the fire with whisky. But wait, you've got to go get hitched to some bird/bloke you presented a ring to a year or so ago.
 Celebrate your love for one another in cosy fashion with some hearty booze.

Ruby ale is a fire monster among beers. Richly textured, lots of warming spice and some lovely red fruits make for a warming brew to celebrate with.

Chardonnay that's been heavily oaked makes for an awesome winter white. European Chardys will display more flavours of citrus and apple whereas as New World efforts will have tropical flavours a plenty.

Full bodied reds are a must for any winter event. Grand Ardeche Chardonnay by Louis Latour is an oaky beaut from Majestic at £9.99 when you buy two. Heavy Aussie Shiraz or a bold American Cabernet keep the chills at bay and will go well with whatever hearty food you'll be serving. The Society's Australian Shiraz is just the thing at £6.95.

Whisky. Whisky Whisky and more Whisky. Why not try serving hot toddies as actual drinks? Aside from their medicinal qualities, they're delicious!We have other hot, boozy creations here, and also recommend our Spiced Apple Sloe Cooker cocktail.

These are just a few suggestions to help you with your wedding booze choices. There are so many things to be discovered so get creative with your choices! And of course, congratulations! I bought you some spoons.

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