Thursday, 17 April 2014

I am a Spring Cider Drinker

As we all know, it is the Easter bank holiday weekend coming up. Some people think of Easter as a chance to eat as much chocolate as possible. Some as the end of Lent where, usually, after repenting for your sins for the past six weeks, you eat as much chocolate as possible. Some however, me included, see it as a time to get utterly mullered. Especially this year where global warming appears to have done us a favour.

Now that we are into Spring there will be plenty flying around about drinks such as pimms, light white wine and other such warm weather malarkey. I however, will be settling down with what I believe the Brits do better than anyone else in the world: good, old fashioned, strong cider.
Maybe it's because I'm from Somerset. Maybe it is because I am an utter L.A.D, or maybe it is because cider is just do damn good!

So here are my personal breakdowns of what I will be consuming in respectable quantities this weekend. My selection are all easy to find, good value for money, strong and bloody good for warm weather boozing.

Aspall Premier Cru
Made in Suffolk, Aspall's is still one of my favorite readily available ciders. Light, crisp, refreshing with a decent level of carbonation makes this an ideal drink whilst sat out in the sun chatting with friends whilst the barbecue is cooking away. The whole Aspall range is brilliant but the stronger, Premier Cru at 7% for me is the best. Usually going for approximately £2.19 a bottle it is currently on offer in Tesco for 4 for 3. Right proper job.

Merry Down Vintage Medium Cider
One that I am currently drinking. Having seen how bloomin' glorious the weather was after work I skipped via Asda and picked up a few bottles of this particular tipple. Not only does it have a fox playing the fiddle on the label it also comes in 750ml bottles. It's also 7.5%.

Still not taken? From orchards in Sussex this is a medium dry, relatively light cider with plenty of fresh apples, mouth watering acidity and a long, apple schnapsy finish. Cheap and pretty bloody decent I say! Available at Asda for £2 a pop. Gurt lush.

Weston's Vintage Cider

I have said it before and I will say it again. Simply the best made, most flavourful and most likely strongest cider you can buy in your local supermarket. Having been aged in oak this cider packs a punch at 8.2% but still keeps its dignity with deep, cedar notes, plenty of stewed apples and oodles of lovely, fresh acidity. This really isn't for the faint hearted, especially on a warm Spring day, so maybe leave it until the sun starts to go down.

So, if you have not tried any of these tipples before, please give them a shot. You won't be disappointed. Also, if you have any other suggestions as to what is good drinking in warm weather (the wackier the better) please let us know!

Oohhhhh Arrrrrr!

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