Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hot Stuff: Peanut Butter Hotties

Peanut butter hot drink, anyone?

I'm pretty sure the answer to that is a resounding yes - especially if you're as keen on eating peanut butter straight out of the jar as I am.

So when the people behind peanut hottie decided to send me some to try, I admit I was pretty chuffed. It's as easy to make as tea or coffee (but it's caffeine free) and at 83 calories per mug it's not crazy bad for you either, even though it is deliciously indulgent. I knew it would be good as soon as I poured it - the dog went berserk and wouldn't leave me alone until she could try some!

And yes, it does taste just like peanut butter. The slight issue I had with it is it's a little sweet and cloying for my taste - I always have my coffee black and my tea strong and firmly unsugared - but if you have sugar or sweetener usually then this won't be an issue for you. That said, it was perfect to drink in the evenings in front of the telly with plenty of biscuits to dunk - a real treat, especially with very chocolatey biscuits...

It's also pretty versatile - there's some gorgeous recipes on the site, including a peanut and caramel milkshake on the peanut hottie website (with or without bourbon, depending on how naughty you want to be) and plenty of cake and brownie ideas for it too. Oh yes.

So where can you buy it? The good news is, there's bound to be somewhere nearby - it's available at Waitrose and Sainsbury's for £2.99 a jar!

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