Wednesday, 5 March 2014

YES IT'S AWESOME! Butch and The Sunrise Kid - The Liberator

Richard Kelley MW is at it again!

He's behind another bloody brilliant wine and yet again, it doesn't disappoint, both in looks and taste. (The taste part is arguably more important...)

Bringing out original, adventurous and wacky wines is nothing new for Richard Kelley, the brains behind The Liberator wines - prove of which can be seen in my last review of his 'This Bird Has Flown' blend. If anything, he makes the whole thing look easy. (FYI it's totally not easy. I've tried...)

Each of the limited edition Liberator wines that I have been lucky enough to try has been absolutely fantastic and completely different to anything else out there on the market.

The brilliantly named "Butch and The Sunrise Kid" is the latest release from The Liberator. Made by winemakers Carl van der Merwe and Chris Alheit, this new 'special edition' is a South African white blend of Chenin Blanc, Roussanne, Chardonnay and Viognier.

As you would expect from anything with The Liberator on the label, the flavour complexity is unreal. It continues to develop on the palate for weeks (not literally you idiot) and the finish just keeps on going. There is a subtle hint of oak, which rounds everything off nicely, and adds a pleasing depth.

If you love wine and aren't a dusty old bore, then this is one to get hold of and crack open straight away. Available at The Wine Society for just £9.95 a bottle, it's really worth getting in there while you can, because these wines always disappear in no time at all.

ALSO, check out this Liberator story book. It's very cool.

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