Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Supermarket Savings: No.3 London Dry Gin

I don't know if you have noticed (and had to have a thousand different conversations about it), but this weather has been lovely, hasn't it? No, really it's just mid-March and winter is already forgotten, with everyone (myself included) looking forward to summer, the sun, holidays, barbecues and to top it all off, the World Cup!

Now, whilst I may not get through a lot of the stuff at winter, I don't feel that I'm exaggerating in saying that I practically live off gin in the summer and so have been looking to find a new affordable staple for my cupboard.

One gin that has caught my eye is Berry Bros' No. 3. It's on sale in Waitrose at the moment, which is perfect for me, and is reduced from £34.80 to £29.50. Berry Bros & Rudd have been a big name on the wine and spirits scene for a good long while, having been founded in 1698, have had documentaries made about the company and are even by royal appointment to the Queen. Also, as a result of their love of wines with staggering price tags, they attract some of the "finer" clientele that the UK has to offer.

Berry's no 3 comes in a good clean green bottle, with the nice amendment of an inlaid metal key which is supposed to represent the key to 3 St. James' St, their home. It just screams "Open me!"

Furthermore, this gin won a trophy and gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge 2012. On the nose the first hits come from juniper mixed with orange and lemon peel. Then a touch of ginger and cardamon start to show through - it's a wonderfully fresh, squeaky-clean and tart nose that speaks to refreshment on a hot day.

On the palate, again the juniper dominates, with the spices pepped up by the higher bottling level at 46%. Again the same lemon and orange come through with some grapefruit, but not much else, but it has a nice soft finish that lingers nicely.

This a really nice, easy drinking gin that - whilst not bursting with complexity - is wonderfully balanced and well made. Whilst it is a higher alcohol gin, it is easy going (which can be attested to by my brother who drank half a bottle on his own the other night with no complaints the next morning).

This is really good quality for a nice summer-gin - it isn't overly complicated, heavy or difficult, it will make a great G&T or martini with no problems, and it's a step above the Tanquerays, Bombays and Beefeaters.

No.3 London Dry Gin can be bought from Waitrose for £29.50

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  1. *heads down to Waitrose*...

    Great suggestion Hugo!