Friday, 14 March 2014

Cocktails that wobble: Cocktail Infused Jelly

This morning, a pretty, lovely jelly-cocktail-filled parcel landed on my desk! Coloured like traffic lights (Red, amber and green- just in case you weren’t sure…), these delightful little pots certainly look the part.

They are called ‘Periodic’ and have been created by a small kitchen startup, We Love Jelly, with big ambition and big flavours. All the cocktails are suitable for vegetarians as they don't contain gelatin (definite plus point!), and use recycled packaging, which is of excellent quality. The initial three (and the three I was lucky enough to be sent to taste) are based on the classic cocktails we all know and love: the Singapore Sling, the Pornstar Martini and my personal favourite - the Mojito.

Fantastically funky colours and packaging.

At this point, I must admit that I can be slightly cynical with ‘infused’ or ‘flavoured’ food & drink of any kind as I enjoy not only the fresh flavours, spirits and freshness of ‘real’ cocktails, but also the art and motion of squeezing, crushing and shaking. There is no doubt that with any pre-packaged item, you lose a little of that sense of authenticity, but at the same time I wholly believe in the idea of both convenience and innovation. These cocktail-infused jellies are definitely innovative, and would be a fantastic talking point at any party, with zero effort on your behalf!

First up was the Singapore Sling. This had a really good depth of colour- a sexy strawberry red, and when you open it you can smell the sweet fruitiness that the colour somehow demands. The texture of this one is runnier than the others - even when stored in the fridge, it kind of rolls around the cup – but we've been assured this was just a one-off error and normally it's the most set of them all!

The blend contains a decent mixture of booze: Gin, Cherry Brandy and Triple Sec are just three of the ingredients. Flavour-wise, it’s fruit all the way.

The Singapore Sling

The Pornstar Martini was my favourite of the three. I found the orange colour really appealing, it is more jellified than the Singapore Sling, and the flavours are much more prominent. You can’t taste any of the alcohol, it’s definitely sweeter than the Singapore Sling, and for me it has the freshness you would expect from passion fruit, as well as added finesse from ingredients such as Vanilla Vodka.

Being a big fan, the one I was most excited about was the Mojito, and to be honest was a little disappointed with this one, because I prefer mine with a bit more of that Cuban kick. The lemon and lime flavours were there, but for me they weren’t punchy enough, and the touch of mint only comes through at the end. Don’t get me wrong, it is perfectly good fun for a party alongside the other two flavours, and those who like softer, sweeter cocktails would find this to be just to their taste.

It’s worth remembering that these jellies are cocktail infusions rather than trying to be an actual cocktail in jelly form (something that is nigh on impossible and wouldn’t improve on the original anyway!) so they’re not supposed to replace your weekend drink! They do retain some of the best characteristics of their cocktail inspiration, though, making them perfect for parties, social occasions and could even be a cheeky little pudding for when you fancy something a little sweet.

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