Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Oz Clarke on Supermarket Discounts

Following on from a couple of posts that we have done about Supermarkets lately, one being Matthew's piece "Is 'Half Price' as good as it sounds?" and on a slightly different but still very valid point, Laura's post from last year "5 Supermarket Own-Label Wines That Will Blow Your Mind",  thought that Oz Clarke's wrinkled, old face may help to drill the point in once and for all.

Not so long ago, BBC's Watchdog did a very informative piece about the truth behind the supermarket deals. It is well worth watching because not only do you risk not getting the best value for money when you go for these offers, you are also being done!

If you can get past Oz's "tasting face" then this is a very informative and interesting video that will (along with Matthew and Laura's posts) change the way you buy wine in the supermarket for everrrrrr.

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