Monday, 24 March 2014

Monday Morning Mugs: Death by Tea

Oh good grief, it's Monday again. Someone get me some biscuits, stat. And a cup of tea the size of my face.

Failing that, get me a cuppa in a mug that makes me smile all morning, until suddenly I don't mind it's Monday any more.

The Monday Morning Mugs series aims to do just that - not just for me, but for all your fellow Monday haters. This week, I'm sharing Death by Tea, a gorgeous little design shop run by Holly Betton, who describes herself as a 'professional colour-in-er'. I like her already.

As you can see from the Dinosaurs Are Cool mug above, she has a knack for pretty mugs that do something quite miraculous: make you glad you've finished your brew. I mean, what self-respecting human person could get to the end of a cup of tea drunk from a mug with a cute dinosaur on it, see that it says 'RAWWR!' in the bottom, and not smile?

And then there's the My Thinking Cup mug. I love the idea of - mid-stress - sitting down, having a cup of tea, and finding a lightbulb moment at the end of it.

Ah, a bear hugs mug. Everyone loves bear hugs. Except for bears. Don't try to hug bears.

There's others in her range, but these are my favourites. They're all £13.50 each from Not On the High Street, with a very reasonable postage charge.

Which would you choose?

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