Monday, 24 March 2014

Celebrity Beer?.. Adam Henson's Rare Breed

At 25, I am starting to feel a little old; I have a mortgage and I'm in a full time job where I live for the weekends. However, my weekends no longer consist of clubbing; I'd much prefer a night wining and dining in the comfort of my own home, or curled up on the sofa, watching a film with a decent bottle. Another tell-tale sign of age is that I've discovered a love for Countryfile, and I find myself seriously disappointed if I miss it on a Sunday evening.

Luckily, my local (The Beehive in Cheltenham for those who are interested) offered me the chance to make up for that missed episode the other week. (It was one in Somerset, and they had horse hair weaving, and 'the woman of Exmoor', and farmers tackling the floods, and it looked really good.. Sigh.) But a night with Adam Henson - sounds like a porno, I know - showcasing his 'Rare Breed' beer, made for excellent midweek entertainment.

Collaborating with Bristol’s Butcombe Brewery in 2011, the Cotswold Farmer and TV presenter brought together both his passion for local produce and his love of beer, to create a new brew. Initially, it was called ‘Muddy Puddle – I’m pretty glad that name didn’t stick – but after a bit of work in the branding, and attaching his recognisable name on the label, ‘Adam Henson’s Rare Breed’ became one of Butcombe’s three permanent beers, and even won a Gold Medal in the International Beer Challenge.

The golden ale is made using ingredients solely from the West Country - Maris Otter malting barley, Hereford hops and Mendip spring water – so if you’re eco-concious, then this is a good beverage for you. Tasting wise, as the Butcombe guide spells out, is all very middle of the road; it smells of hops and citrus, it tastes a little malty and a little fruity; not too sweet or bitter in style, just clean and refreshing. They encourage you to "enjoy a 'rare' moment of pleasure with this exceptional beer"; cheesy puns - right up my street.

Although it is like the finest pedigree rare breed, full of the best of the best components, this doesn't really have any unusual defining characters; it's simply an easy drinking, good breed of beer. Now let's stick Countryfile on catch-up.

Obligatory photo with a famous.
You can purchase 'Adam Henson's Rare Breed' from the Brewery's online shop, or from selected stores.
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